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Friday, November 15, 2013

The black and white of it..

I'm bringing some "color" into my life with some black and white inspo photos.  Let me explain..Before there was color tv, or color photos there was black and white and black and white ONLY.  I think a shift needs to happen where we use our imagination and focus more on the photo than the colors itself.  Some of the most enjoyable things in life are black and white : oreos, original chuck tailors, hostess cupcakes, checker boards, chocolate, sushi, leather, coffee etc. There's a very nostalgic feel to a b&w picture; the way the shadows and light are highlighted and seem to give off a glow.  As much as I love colors, and people tell me I am a very colorful individual, a black and white photo speaks to me in ways that a color one may not.  It forces me to really exam the photo and look at the big picture.  Take some time this weekend to watch a b&w flick (Casablanca!) and put some perspective into your creative mind with these pics !

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