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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Totally 90's

Back in the day, in the totally 90's, I was in the midst of my adolescent/teenage years.  I remember thinking, "What is so great about the 90's, our clothes are weird and the music is all the same; why can't it be more like the 80's?"  Boy was I wrong !  As I sit here and take a time machine into my "so called life" as a teenager, I remember when alternative music was at its best and crop tops and baby tees were created.  Steve Madden shoes were the only thing we wore on our feet and we snuck out dancing in them until dawn at all the NYC nightclubs.  (How we got into them is another story, but I'll save that for my memoirs.)  We wore over the knee socks and baby backpacks to emanate Cher and Dionne, the adorably Clueless BFF's.  Ah yes, the 90's, a time when people actually communicated via the telephone, and we had beepers not cell phones.  It was definitely a better time.  There were modern flower children a la Drew Barrymore and grunge gals and guys that looked like Kate Moss.  Nirvana and the Red Hot Chili Peppers were on repeat or rather on rewind on my boom box.  I fell somewhere in the mix of all these different genres of style, combining each of them in my own unique way of course.  But enough of my reminiscing.  This outfit is inspired by Steve Madden's "Totally 90's" contest, where they will choose winners that best style up a pair of their vintage 90's shoes like the ones I have on below.  What was your favorite part of the 1990's?  Let me know!
 ( PS. Props if you ate at The Runway Cafe and watched MTV House of Style )

Outfit Details
Jacket Vintage from Beacon's Closet
Shirt, socks and hat Forever 21
Skirt Vintage Rampage
Necklace Vintage
Boots Vintage Steve Madden 

Monday, January 27, 2014

I like your coat

Counting down the days till summer but in the meantime..
 taking advantage of my love for oversized coats this winter season
that swallowed up by your coat look...yess!
bigger is better
hobos unite
xx -J

Coat *French Connection
Glasses *Tom Ford
Boots *Loeffler Randall
Hat *American Apparel