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Tuesday, August 6, 2013


There's something so fun and striking about a woman in polka-dots! After all, the late great funny woman Lucille Ball donned that classic polka dotted dress in the 50's.  I love to mix them into my wardrobe as an accessory on a bag or dotted ankle socks and tights.  Layering different sized dots on the top and bottom is also a great idea.  And a ladybug spotted dress goes a long way.  Trust me, heads turn whenever your spotted (no pun intended) in one.  
If I ever see these little crimson lady beetles I can't help but count their dots, and make a wish.  As a kid we were always told that lady bugs bring good luck.  And in some cultures it is believed that if a ladybug lands on a female you can count its spots to predict how many children you will have !  I recently took a trip to Coney Island and kept getting stopped about my summery polka dot dress by Mimi Chica.  These little circles bring so much joy to the fashionistas' eye so rock them with some crimson lips, and pay homage to this lovely little bug.  Check out our dotted picks below and links to buy!

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