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Tuesday, October 8, 2013


It's no surprise that music has been such a big influence in the way that I dress, and I have rock n roll to thank for that.  I've always looked up to the leather bearing rockers of the 70's, 80's and 90's and have always dreamed to be in a rock n roll video thanks to the badass, do whatever I want attitude of Alicia Silverstone in Aerosmith's Crazy video.  I'm forever a fan of Janis Joplin's fringe, and Jimi Hendrix's scarves.   I can't leave out the glam rock movement, with big hair, bandanas and spandex and bands such as Poison, Def Leppard and Guns and Roses who totally rocked that era.  (P.S. I have my Pandora station set to the Def Leppard channel and if you haven't checked it out, now you better !)  For the past 5 years specifically my leather jacket collection has grown from 2 to 10, and it keeps rising.  I just can't stop buying leather, and I'm ok with that.  If your gonna spend money on anything, leather jackets are definitely the staple to splurge on.  Trust me, they're never going to go out of style.  Even better if you find a leather jacket with removable sleeves that turns into a vest !   Studded accents and leopard accessories are also a dime a dozen in my closet, and I LOVE layering dozens of delicate necklaces with charms and crosses.  So I dare you to turn October into ROCKtober, and bring that rock babe attire out of the closet and into the streets.


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