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Friday, September 20, 2013

fly me to the moon..

The Harvest Moon that has just passed, has us in an alien state of mind.  Have you ever been curious about what really exists in our solar system?  Well, so have we, so much in fact that we follow the celestial motions very closely, and believe that the way our planets and solar system moves has a lot to do with our own moods, state of mind and luck in life.  Mercury's backwards motion, which is happening (UGHH!) October 21-November 10 is one if the most difficult patterns to get through.  Did you ever wonder why you were stuck in horrific traffic, or haven't gotten any texts, calls, or emails or have had pretty much awful luck and nothing seems to go your way?  Blame it on the Retrograde !  These galactic movements inspire us to embrace the craziness of full moons and retrogrades and just go about  our crazy fashionista ways.  If you are really feeling a bit nutty about these patterns use these images as your relief, and keep wondering, is there really life beyond earth?  We think so :)

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