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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Road Trip with Bullett Magazine

Inside the pages of the Summer issue of Bullett Magazine we are transported to a dusty and fashionable escapade. This is one of our favorite summer editorials thus far! From the matte pages to the way the photographer shot and exposed the film, we want to literally jump into the pages and join the road trip!
We are big fans of Bullett for its grown up Nylon-esque aesthetic. Don't get us wrong, we love Nylon, but Bullett pushes us to the extremes of fashion, film, music, culture and art in a distinguished and chic manner whereas Nylon is a little more youth friendly. Its a great read for the mid to late 20'somethings (like us!) Also check out the interview with Betsey Johnson in this issue and a tongue in cheek editorial with Michael Ian Black!

Eliot Lee hazel Photography
Sah D'Simone Stylist
Yuyu Takahashi Hair
Chie Sasaki Makeup

Peace and Love,
Jo and Lo

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