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Friday, April 22, 2011

L.A. Woman !

We had such an amazing time in LA before we headed to Palm Springs for Coachella! Coffee Bean, Sprinkles cupcakes, playing dress up in PlanetBlue, listening to the new Britney album nonstop, mercury retrograde bad luck followed by massive quantities of tequilla, driving in circles and yes...walking endlessly..we were literally the only people WALKING in LA! Our vacation started off a little shaky when we almost missed our flight from JFK, but as usual, we made the best of it and have a bunch of stories, that we're pretty sure we're going to turn into a book at some point ! Here are just a few of our first two days in Cali with more to come this week!

there taking over my closet!
Wearing a pleated TopShop Maxi
Purchased a Leopard Blu Moon Maxi

Jo gets a ticket within 5 minutes of picking up our rental car!!





  1. Amazing outfits and beautiful post! love your blog! x

  2. Thanxxx!! Were trying to Sort thru the rest of our La & Coachella pics...they'll be up s00n!! x0