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Monday, February 21, 2011

Fanny Pack Rats!!

Rihanna in her D&G pack

Are Fanny packs/Bum Bags/Belt Bags really making a comeback?! You bet they are and we are crazy about this daring trend! We love the hands free option for city gals like us who are always on the go!! Not to mention we can now multi task between our blackberry's and Starbucks coffee cups without having to balance with an actual bag!! There's some really cool and chic options available and we can't wait to style our fanny packs with our ever changing looks! We'll be rockin' out to Kings of Leon, The Black Keys and Robyn out at Coachella in April in our fab fanny packs!!! Here are some of our fave photos and picks...

Black White Rustic Alligator pack

White Silky Nubuk Leather and Zebra Sheen Suede pack

Black Silky Nubuck Leather pack

Rihanna rockin' her Louis Vuitton fanny pack!

Sarah Jessica Parker on Sex and the City rockin one!

Tyra Banks

Urban Outfitters
Pendleton Fanny Pack

Bling Sequin Fanny packs
Patricia Field.com

Vintage Chanel Quilted Fanny Pack

Chloe Marci Leather Bum Mini Bag
Saks Fifth Avenue.com

Angel Jackson Bum Bags
Angel Jackson.com

Angel Jackson.com

Ashish 2009 runway Studded BumBag

Fanny packs on the DVF Spring 2011 runway!!
Now available at DVF.com

Pack it on!


  1. i love this! this trend would look super cute in the summer but i cant do this in the winter with my big coat! :(

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  3. Yes Donna this is definitely a spring/summer thang! :)