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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Zink October 09' issue
Jules Kim, designer of the jewelry and accessory line Bijules has created an edgy rock and roll / hip hop esq unique line that we are intrigued and addicted to!!! Her knuckle rings and tongue in cheeky nail rings, golden teeth and weaponry necklaces are genius!! As quoted in October 09’s Zink magazine Kim said “Each piece I create is a little piece of me to share and it feels good that people are watching and listening.” Jules, we are most definitely watching and listening and rockin your line!!! Check out www.bijulesnyc.com for price info and to purchase her designs!!
Keep Rockin,
Nicole Richie rockin Bijules

Icepick body Armor

Cops and Robbers

Winnie's Diamond Tartar Chain

Studded Serpent Nail Ring

Curved Bar Ring

Amefyst Ring

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